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The Elusive Phenomena of Organizational Behavior

Peter constantly sought out ways to expand his Practice and look into those who have affected the field of Organizational Behavior. Click to find out his thoughts on a giant in the field, F. J. Roethlisberger.

Antioch Memoriam of Peter Vaill

As with so many who met, read, or now listened to Peter, we are all the better for it. Click here to read conversations with those who knew Peter during his time at Antioch University.

Tumbling in the Raging White Waters of COVID-19

We all know about Practice, but how do we maintain one during a global pandemic? Click here to read a fun conversation between Dave and an “old friend” from “Inside Knowledge”.

Peter Vaill: The Passing of the “Poet Laureate” of Management

Former students of Peter’s have revered his expertise and way of thinking he imparted onto them. Click here to find out what former doctoral student Eric Dent had to say when Peter passed away.

Remembering Peter Vaill

Peter’s passing has had a strong impact on many in the OD community. Click here to see how people remember and appreciate the life and work of one of our founding conversationalists.

A Son and Father Talk about Organization Procreation

Dave Sr. and Dave Jr. have been talking about social enaction for years. Click here to see why!

Letter to the Fellows About a Fellow Practitioner

Dave wrote a letter to the MOBTS on Peter’s adaptation and will to teach. Click here to read his take on Peter’s experiences transitioning to the world of audio.

Peter B. Vaill: A Life in the Art of Managing and Leading Change

Peter was an inspiration to practitioners and educational leaders alike. Click here to learn why he was such a giant and beloved by many.

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