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We love the power of recording and podcasting intentional conversations, but writings and videos both inform and preserve our thinking on matters addressed live.

We invite you to
read, watch, listen and share your impressions and questions!
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Podcasting with and then for the late Peter B. Vaill.

Every listener has the means to constantly, resourcefully change and grow, especially if you become conscious of it as a Practice. Practiced work is being done anywhere we look; yet do we recognize it in others, or ourselves?  What is the nature of Practice? And, why does it matter? Listen in as Dave and Peter discuss everything that is Practice with a capital “P”. Then listen to the many other conversations Dave has with a wide variety of practitioners. 


Want to know more about social enaction and Practice? Read through our enlightening articles to jump start your understanding of management and positive lifestyle choices.


Want to see the nature of Practice? in action. Tune into this page to learn more about social enaction through our video catalog.

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